Why Buy From Us?

We are professionals:

We can help answer your questions:

  • Which trees grow faster or slower?
  • Which trees are more disease resistant?
  • Which trees do well on wet sites?
  • Which trees do well on dry sites?
  • What is the best time of year to plant?

We buy genetically superior seedlings

We have to pay more for our seeds, but you’ll get:

  • Better color
  • Better branch angle
  • Better overall appearance

Grower Direct:

  • No middle man
  • Trees are dug and installed quicker
  • Trees are healthier
  • Trees have better survival rates

Locally Grown:

  • Winter Hardy
  • Support local economy

Most trees are dug to order

  • We also have trees dug and ready on our lot if you wish to pick one up today

Dig-it-yourself: Planting tips and helpful hints

Many sizes and varieties